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Money Magnets, What?  All you have to do is search the phrase “Money Magnets”  and all sorts of weird stuff appears.  On ebay it gets even stranger and almost hilarious, unless you fall for their promises! I’ve seen  Magic Money incense that pulls wealth to you when  burning this incense. Let me tell you unless you are  buying this just because it smells good then all you  are doing is burning your money if you think this  actually works! Also seen are Magic Money Rings,  Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces and who knows what. All promising to magically and magnetically pull  wealth to yourself. Just click your heals, believe and  “POOF” money starts drawing towards you. But if you  cannot believe or think hard enough you could get  help with some witches - here is an excerpt pulled  from one Ebay item - We are a Coven of 3 Witches. We  are Spell Crafters and Spell Casters. We were born witches, it is our family heritage and our  birthright. Our Mothers and Grandmothers were Witches from a time when it was dangerous to be suspected of  Witchcraft. Each one of us have over 20 years experience crafting and casting spells and we do it with amazingly good  results.” These three entrepreneurs have generously offered to sell you a cheap $20 ring that they diligently and  prudently cast a spell upon this cheap ring during the moon’s closest approach in 18 years at exactly midnight. Thus  they have created the perfect magic “money magnet” gambling ring of which you can take to the casino with you. They  claim this ring when near your person while gambling will absolutely make you win! And win big!  Their claim “Do you ever dream of finally hitting it big ? With this special magical spell our coven  of witches actually created a talisman ring that is a money magnet. A ring that once you possess  it will make you the winner you always dreamed of being.  Your source of wealth could be from  any type of gambling that you enjoy:  lottery, cards, the ponies, slots, blackjack, to list some  examples, but the list goes on and on ...  But we never limit your potential sources of winning, it  could be from anywhere?” And they go on: “Just imagine...No more bills. Drive any car you like,  heck, drive as many cars as you like.  Live anywhere you want to in style. Never have to look at the  price before you buy” And on and on they go! WOW isn’t it  amazing! My question is this.... If this spell works so well then  why aren’t they out gambling and winning? Instead they are  selling these cheap rings at $20 each.... winning at a casino  seems more fun than trying to sell rings, at least to me. All  that wrapping, packaging and the trips to the post office...  hmmmmmm. So “Money Magnets” I believe all these people  who sell this stuff are only trying to attract your money to  themselves. Of course we here at DigUpMoney are trying to  do the same thing. Maybe we should put up a “Donate”  button? Nah.... not right now.  Stay tuned for more to come on this “The Law of Money  Attraction”  Article written by the staff at www.DigUpMoney.com
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Money Magnets