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I started up Dig up as a kick off website for Zapadeal. Well that didn’t work out very well so now it will be a nice information site on easy but safe ways to make some money.  Original Zapadeal text as follows and I believed it: The next generation of Social competitive interaction, Shopping Entertainment, Skill-based prize competitions, and Auction Entertainment! Discover how you can buy the products you want at amazing prices such as: Cars, iPods, iPhones, TVs, Laptops, travel packages, insurance packages, watches, cameras, Nintento Wiis, Playstations, Gift Cards, and much, much more! Blah blah blah, remember Zapadeal? I sank almost $900 into that so called business plan... I won a $100 Nintendo and I still had about 500 unused credits with them when they went out of business, Maybe if I had this program it would have been different - CLICK HERE
Now you have a chance to profit on a trend with a company that was designed from the ground up to be one of the industry leaders in the sales of high quality name brand items. Learn how to Dig up some money for yourself.
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Yes I lost money with Zapadeal! But read the whole story!  
Zapadeal Out of Business
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