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Storage Auctions What are They?  What the heck is a “Storage Auction” and will they work out for you? After doing some exploring and investigation you will be able to make a determination whether it is right for you or not. A storage auction results when somebody is renting a storage unit, you’ve seen “storage units”, maybe even rented one at some point in your life, maybe you have one rented right now. So what happens if you lose your job and cannot make payments on your unit, or you have forgotten to make payments? After a certain amount of time of non-payment, usually 60 to 90 days,  the owner/s of the said storage unit will file a lien with the local government of the area of where the unit is located. The Storage unit owner then has to post a publication ad in the local paper to warn anyone and everyone that a particular unit is about to be repossessed. It the unit renter does not show up to pay the rental charges, the late fees and the now legal fees withing a certain amount of time, usually 30 to 60 days more then the Storage Unit Owners can take possession of all that stuff the renter left behind from not paying his bill. Usually by law the units stuff that was left behind has to be auctioned off. That is what a storage auction is. Is bidding at a mini storage auction right or good for you? If you have some spare cash and you happen to know where to resell your stuff then just maybe.... Some of the materials featured here will help you to decide if you have the guts to go through with bidding on a vacated mini storage unit. The TV series Storage Wars has peeked everyones interest into maybe giving it a try. I have not personally tried this myself yet but I have a very good friend who has. He did ok on his very first try and plans to do more! You will always want to try to bid on stuff that you are familiar with. Bidding on storage units is sort of like working with the stock market.... you better know what you are doing before trying to buy! You can make out very well or you could lose a lot of money! Get yourself a great book before getting into mini storage auctions. They can shorten your learning curve and give you an edge on making tons of money doing this. Another great way to Dig Up Money! Check out this great BOOK on trying this out - Mini-Storage Auction Profits! Article written by the staff at www.DigUpMoney.com
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